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With rewards credit cards, rewards come in different sizes and shapes: cash back or bonus points that can be redeemed for gift certificates and cards, merchandize, air travel, and more. The most important point is to choose a rewards program that is best for your particular requirements and needs. For example, the travel rewards card will be of no use if you travel only occasionally but makes more sense if you’re visiting family members in another province on a regular basis. Cash, on the other hand, is the most universal reward you can opt for.

Remember that all credit cards go with interest rates and fees, and the rewards ones typically charge higher rates compared to other credit cards. In most cases, this type of product goes with an annual fee.

Ideally, card holders will receive as many rewards points as possible. Some credit cards put limit on the rewards one can get even if the holder keeps charging items on the card. So, you may only earn a set number of points in one year.

Other issues to consider are the expiration date of points, options for redeeming, the minimum spending limit required to accumulate rewards, and possibilities to exchange points with partners of the credit card provider. It is important to note that with some credit cards, the earned points expire if you do not use them over a given period of time. No one wants to lose his rewards points before having a chance to use them. So, make sure you remember the expiration date if there is one and avoid products with unreasonable expiration periods. Second, it is a good idea to find out if you can redeem your rewards at any time. Is there an option to redeem these in increments? Guidelines or restrictions on redeeming may be of inconvenience to you.

You may be required to charge a certain amount of money on your card before you start accumulating rewards. If that is the case, it is important to make sure you do not have to charge a larger amount than what you normally would, especially if the card comes with an annual fee. The more ways to redeem, the better off you are. If the credit card provider has different partners, you obviously have more choices to redeem the bonus points you accumulate.

If you keep these points in mind, you can go shopping for a Canadian rewards credit card. For instance, with the More Rewards Credit Card offered by MBNA, holders enjoy low introductory rate of 1.99 percent on check cash advances and balance transfers over the first six months and no annual fee. The regular interest rate is 19.99 percent. Card holders earn 3 points for every dollar in purchases when shopping at Cooper's Foods, Overwaitea Foods, Save-On-Foods, Urban Fare, and PriceSmart Foods. In addition, the product comes with purchase protection, fraud protection, 24/7 customer service, immediate access to cash, and common carrier travel accident insurance.

NameTypeInterest RateAnnual Fee
Visa Infinite AvionVisa19.99%$120
British Airways Visa Platinum CardVisa20.5%$165
Cathay Pacific Visa Platinum CardVisa20.5%$150
Esso Visa Classic cardVisa19.99%$0
Target RBC MasterCardVisa19.9%$0
Visa Platinum Avion CardVisa19.99%$120
Visa Gold Preferred CardVisa19.99%$110
Visa Classic IIVisa19.99%$35
Visa Classic II Student CardVisa19.99%$15
Rewards Visa Gold CardVisa19.99%$0
US Dollar Visa Gold CardVisa19.99%$65
Visa Business Platinum Avion CardVisa19.99%$120
American Express AIR MILES Credit CardAMEX18.5%$0
American Express Costco Platinum Cash Rebate CardAMEX19.75%$0
American Express Canada Holt RenfrewAMEX18.99%$0
American Express Canada Platinum Credit CardAMEX19.99%$699
American Express Canada AIR MILES Gold Credit CardAMEX18.5%$0
Shoppers Optimum Mastercard MasterCard19.99%$0
CIBC Aerogold VISA cardVisa19.9%$120
CIBC Aero Classic VISA cardVisa19.99%$29
CIBC Gold VISA cardVisa19.99%$99
CIBC Aventura Gold VISA cardVisa19.99%$120
CIBC Aerogold VISA Card for BusinessVisa10.9%$180
Citi Drivers Edge Platinum MasterCard MasterCard19.99%$59
The VISA Desjardins Classic cardVisa19.4%$0
The VISA Desjardins Elegance GOLD CardVisa19.9%$0
The VISA Desjardins Modulo GOLD CardVisa9.9%$50
VISA Desjardins Odyssey GOLDVisa19.4%$110
VISA Desjardins PlatinumVisa9.9%$169
TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite CardVisa19.99%$120
TD Gold Elite Visa CardVisa19.99%$99
The GM CardVisa19.99%$0
TD Business Visa CardVisa19.75%$50
Citi Enrich MasterCardMasterCard19.99%$0
Citi STAPLES easyRewards MasterCard MasterCard19.99%$0
Club Sobeys MasterCard MasterCard19.9%$0
Citi PETRO-POINTS MasterCardMasterCard19.99%$0
American Express Business Platinum CardAMEX0%$60
American Express Aeroplan Plus Gold CardAMEX19.95%$120
American Express Aeroplan Plus Platinum CardAMEX30%$499
ScotiaGold Passport Business VISA CardVisa19.99%$120
American Express Gold CardAMEX30%$130
ScotiaGold Preferred VISA CardVisa17.9%$95
Scotia Moneyback VISA CardVisa19.5%$0
HSBC MasterCardMasterCard19.9%$0
HSBC Premier MasterCard MasterCard12.9%$0
Laurentian VISA Black Reward MeVisa19.99%$0
Laurentian Bank VISA Gold PassportVisa19.99%$90
MBNA PremierRewards Platinum Plus MasterCardMasterCard19.99%$29
MBNA Travel Rewards MasterCardMasterCard19.99%$29
MBNA iTravel200 Rewards MasterCardMasterCard19.99%$0
National Bank Platinum MasterCardMasterCard19.5%$125
National Bank Ovation Gold MasterCardMasterCard19.5%$95
National Bank Allure MasterCardMasterCard19.5%$30
BMO Gold AIR MILES MasterCardMasterCard19.5%$99
BMO AIR MILES MasterCardMasterCard19.5%$0
President's Choice Financial MasterCardMasterCard19.97%$0
enviro Classic VISAVisa19.5%$0
enviroGold VISAVisa19.5%$99
enviroGold VISA Low Interest Rate OptionVisa11.25%$45
enviroExpenseGold VISAVisa19.5%$99
Canadian Tire Options MasterCardMasterCard18.9%$0
Diners Club Personal Card with Club RewardsDiners Club18.9%$99
Diners Club Corporate CardDiners Club30%$25
The Hbc credit cardStore28.8%$0
IKEA credit cardStore25.99%$21
Walmart Credit CardMasterCard18.87%$0
ICICI Bank Sterling Silver Credit CardMasterCard0%$0
Petro-Canada Personal Credit CardStore24%$0
American Express AeroplanPlus CardAMEX30%$60
American Express Business Gold Rewards CardAMEX0%$180
True Earnings Card from Costco and American ExpressAMEX19.99%$0
Pre-Paid Petro Canada CardStore0%$0
BMO SPC AIR MILES MasterCardMasterCard19.5%$0
BMO Gold AIR MILES MasterCard for BusinessMasterCard19.5%$119
Gas Advantage MasterCardMasterCard18.9%$0
TD Platinum Travel Visa CardVisa19.99%$99
ScotiaBank Learn VISA cardVisa19.99%$0
HSBC Advance MasterCardMasterCard17.9%$0
Aspire Cash Platinum MasterCardMasterCard16.8%$0
SCENE VISA cardVisa19.99%$0
ScotiaHockey NHL VISA cardVisa19.99%$29
Scotiabank Gold American Express CardAMEX19.99%$99
Scotiabank American Express CardAMEX19.99%$0