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Diners Club International credit cards

In Canada, CitiBank Canada actually issues Diners Club International cards under a sub-franchise of the North American parent franchise. Some of the services and credit card products in Canada are provided by Citibank Canada, Citi Cards Canada Inc., Citi Cards Inc. and Canada Diners Club. As a proud member of the Citigroup family of financial institutions and services, Diners Club International in Canada offers products for mid and large size corporations and professionals as well as individual business men and women. A great percentage of the top 500 corporations in Canada take advantage of Diners Club International credit card products because of the service that is unsurpassed along with universal acceptance and award winning awards.

Professional Diners Club International Cards

Card issued to professional business men and women on a personal level and not as a corporate entity have a number of amazing benefits. Some of the benefits on the professional cards include:

• Club Rewards
• Accelerated Premier Status in the Fairmont President’s Club
• Companion Ticket for British Airways
• Private Airport Lounges for Members Only
• Manage Account Online with e-Account Manager
• Travel Insurance
• Emergency Travel Assistance
• Summary Report at Year’s End
• Access to Cash
• Roadside Service – Road Assist
• Travel Insurance (Optional)

While it is nice to enjoy some relaxing time when waiting for connecting flights, the private lounges are only one of the unique benefits included with a Diners Club Professional card. The rewards are one of the most appreciated perks along with all the other benefits that are afforded cardholders who have need to travel often. While other cards do have some of these benefits, only Diners Club has the broad range of services and benefits that are geared toward today’s business professional.

Corporate Diners Club International Cards

Although some of the benefits that are offered on the personal cards are also offered on the corporate cards, some of those perks are not conducive to a business card. For instance, the individual carrying a corporate card might not have access to company financial records so he or she might not be afforded online access or a summary report at the end of the year which is controlled by the corporation. However, the benefits that most often accompany corporate cards are:

• Access to Cash
• Club Rewards (Optional on corporate cards)
• Private Airport Lounges for Members Only
• Emergency Travel Assistance
• Travel Insurance (Optional)

One of the greatest benefits of holding a Corporate Diners Club International card is the prestige that comes along with the territory. While anyone and everyone can qualify for some form of MasterCard or Visa, even if it is a bank debit card or secured card, only those with superior credit can boast of qualifying for a Diners Club card.

Even though the company itself has undergone some amount of corporate restructuring within the past decade or two, Diners Club International credit card products are still among the most envied cards to carry. Member benefits that are offered are not the same as any other credit card product on the market, and because these cards are tailored to today’s corporations and business professionals, the range of services was developed with their needs in mind. To apply for Diners Club International credit card products in Canada, visit the main website and choose Canada as the country of choice.

Diners Club International credit card reviews and credit card application details.

NameTypeInterest RateAnnual Fee
Diners Club Personal Card with Club RewardsDiners Club18.9%$99
Diners Club Corporate CardDiners Club30%$25