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CitiBank Canada credit cards

There just isn’t a more comprehensive line of credit card products to be found anywhere in Canada than the great variety of MasterCards issued by CitiBank. With 20 different cards to choose from including merchant cards, no fee, low fee, rewards and business cards with the MasterCard logo, there is a credit card that will suit your needs.

Cards with No Annual Fee

CitiBank issues 7 different credit cards that do not require an annual fee, of which 5 are Citi MasterCards and 2 are a merchant MasterCards. The impressive list of CitiBank Canada no fee cards include:

• MasterCard
• Gold MasterCard
• Enrich MasterCard
• STAPLES easyRewards MasterCard
• Club Sobeys MasterCard
• Citi Platinum MasterCard

Each of those cards have an annual interest rate of 19.99% for purchases and 22.99% for cash advances except for the Club Sobeys card that charges an interest rate of 19.99% for both purchases and cash advances.

Low Rate CitiBank Credit Card

There is actually only one low rate Citi credit card and that is the Low Rate Gold MasterCard. There is an annual fee of $25, but the savings you would realize with this card because of the lower interest rate more than compensates for the low annual fee. Although this card does have an annual fee, it is one of the most popular Citi cards in Canada, perhaps because of the low finance charges but also because of the perks such as the extended warranty on purchases made with the card and the purchase assurance.

Citi Business Cards

There are three different Citi business cards, each bearing both the MasterCard logo and a merchant logo. These cards include:

• STAPLES easyRewards Business MasterCard
• The Home Depot Commercial Revolving Card
• The Home Depot Commercial Card

The STAPLES card has an annual fee of $39 with a 19.99% interest rate on both purchases and cash advances while Home Depot’s Commercial Revolving account has no fee but a 24.99% interest on purchases and cash advances. The Home Depot Commercial card has no annual fee and at the time of this review there were no interest rates listed on the CitiBank website.

Citi Rewards Cards

Five of Citi’s MasterCards have a rewards program and each varies a bit depending on the type of card. Those cards that offer extra rewards and perks are:

• Driver’s Edge Platinum MasterCard
• Club Sobeys MasterCard
• STAPLES easyRewards MasterCard
• Enrich MasterCard

Interest rates range from 12.90% to 22.99% on purchases and cash advances, and each card has its own rewards program. Complete details on the rewards specific to each card are enumerated on the CitiBank website.

CitiBank Store Credit Cards

CitiBank also has four merchant cards which do not carry the MasterCard logo and can be used only at the merchants for which the cards are issued. These merchant cards are:

• Personal Credit Card - Petro-Canada
• Commercial Revolving Card - The Home Depot
• Consumer Credit Card - Home Depot
• Commercial Card - Home Depot

Because there is no other bank in all of Canada that has so many different cards to offer, CitiBank ranks number one in the nation. To apply for a Citi credit card, visit the CitiBank Canada website.

CitiBank Canada credit card reviews and credit card application details.

NameTypeInterest RateAnnual Fee
Citi MasterCardMasterCard19.99%$0
Citi Gold MasterCardMasterCard19.99%$0
Citi Platinum MasterCardMasterCard19.99%$0
Citi Drivers Edge Platinum MasterCard MasterCard19.99%$59
Citi Enrich MasterCardMasterCard19.99%$0
Citi STAPLES easyRewards MasterCard MasterCard19.99%$0
Home Depot Consumer Credit CardMasterCard28.8%$0
Club Sobeys MasterCard MasterCard19.9%$0
Citi PETRO-POINTS MasterCardMasterCard19.99%$0