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BMO Bank of Montreal credit cards

The Bank of Montreal features a wide array of financial products, credit cards, coming with rewards points, cash back, insurance packages, and plenty of other beneficial features. For example, all clients who apply for the BMO Gold Air Miles MasterCard may receive a bonus of 1000 free miles. You will also get 25 percent off on all flights under the Air Miles program no matter the destination. Your rewards miles automatically double if you charge purchases to the card at Alamo Rent A Car, National Car Rental, and Shell. You will be provided travel insurance, including collision damage coverage for car rental if you waive the car rental company’s damage protection offer. The annual fee is $99 with a 19.5 percent interest rate. For an additional $35 per year, you get to take advantage of a reduced interest rate of 12.9 percent.

Holders of the regular Air Miles MasterCard are exempt from an annual fee. Thus, you get one free mile for every $20 you charge to the card. Rewards miles are 1.5 times more if you charge purchases to the card at Alamo Rent A Car, National Car Rental, and Shell. The interest rate is 19.5 percent, with 12.9 percent for an extra $35 a year.

If you opt for the BMO Premium CashBack MasterCard, you get 1 percent cash back on purchases made with the card, 3 percent cash back when shopping at Alamo, NCR or Shell, free roadside assistance, and up to 25 percent off if you rent a car at Alamo or NCR. The annual fee is $49, with a 19.5 percent interest rate and the same reduced rate option, shared by the two above-listed cards.

Holders of the BMO CashBack MasterCard are exempt from an annual fee. They get 0.5 percent cash back on all items charged to the card, 1.5 percent cash back when shopping at Alamo, NCR, or Shell, and up to 25 percent off if they rent a car through Alamo or NCR. They get returns on their account every year.

The BMO SPC Air Miles MasterCard is a good choice for students, going with no annual fee and interest rate of 19.5 percent or a reduced rate of 12.9 percent for an annual fee of 12.9 percent. Card holders get 1 bonus point per $20 in purchases, discounts at restaurants and retail locations, and more.

At the top end of BMO’s range of products is the BMO World Elite credit card. This financial product offers top-class travel benefits, travel insurance, excellent services, and access to unique cultural events and holiday experiences. Holders automatically become members of the Elite rewards program and receive 15,000 bonus points as a welcome gift. They also get collision damage waiver for car rentals, access to elite travel offers, theater events and concerts, access to more than 600 first-class airport lounges throughout the world, and rewards points that never expire. You get one reward point for every dollar charged to the card as well as medical coverage both in Canada and abroad, together with trip cancellation and trip delay insurance. Additional benefits include non-stop customer service and concierge service. You are eligible for a wide variety of travel rewards, including vacation packages, cruises, hotels, and flights. The card goes with an annual fee of $150 and interest rate of 20.5 percent.

BMO Bank of Montreal credit card reviews and credit card application details.

NameTypeInterest RateAnnual Fee
BMO Gold AIR MILES MasterCardMasterCard19.5%$99
BMO AIR MILES MasterCardMasterCard19.5%$0
BMO Premium CashBack MasterCardMasterCard19.5%$49
BMO CashBack MasterCardMasterCard19.5%$0
BMO SPC AIR MILES MasterCardMasterCard19.5%$0
BMO SPC CashBack MasterCardMasterCard19.5%$0
BMO Preferred Rate MasterCardMasterCard17.5%$0
BMO Prepaid Travel MasterCardMasterCard0%$0
BMO Gold AIR MILES MasterCard for BusinessMasterCard19.5%$119