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HSBC Bank Canada credit cards

HSBC Bank of Canada offers a wide variety of credit cards, but its MasterCard series is the most popular. The classic MasterCard is an excellent choice for those who opt for flexibility, advantages, services, and rewards for their everyday needs.

Those who wish to sign up for this card can choose between cash back rewards and the travel and merchandise rewards program. New clients are entitled to a welcome bonus of 1,000 points if they go for the latter. If you choose it, you can redeem the points you have earned for a wide variety of luxury goods, premium merchandise, and travel services. The rewards programs entail an additional fee of $35 a year per card for all cards issued on your account. You are eligible for the welcome bonus after you charge to the card a purchase that is approved. The limit per account is one bonus.

Holders of the MasterCard take advantage of extended warranty, together with travel and medical insurance. The warranty is extended for up to one year on top of that of the original manufacturer. The annual interest rate on purchases and cash advances is 19.9 percent. If you fail to make two minimal payments in a row or three within the last fiscal year, the interest rate increases by 5 percent a year. The bank offers a reduced interest rate option for residents of all Canadian provinces with the exception of Quebec. The increased penalty rates apply until the client makes minimal payments on time for six months in a row.

These are the general MasterCard terms. Another option is the HSBC Advance and with this card, the more features you use, the greater the advantages are. Holders are eligible to receive a full package without monthly fees, with exclusive discounts, preferential rates, and global expertise. This option enables you to manage your expenses more efficiently and make better financial decisions to fulfill your aims. If you have $25,000 or more in your checking, investment, or savings account, whether joint or individual, you can take advantage of a comprehensive banking package without having to pay an extra fee. This package consists of four productsó the HSBC Advance Checking account, Savings account, the HSBC Advance credit card, and a line of credit with an initial limit of $5,000. If you have less than $25,000, you are still eligible, but you must pay a monthly fee of $25.

The HSBC Premier credit card is a good choice for frequent travelers who prefer to have access to a rewards program. The latter entitles card holders to excellent offers on entertaining, dining, shopping, and travel experiences around the globe. Free supplementary cards and emergency cash advances are also offered. This product goes with a low interest rate of 12.9 percent on purchases and 9.9 percent on balance transfers and cash advances. The grace period is between 28 and 33 days, and the card comes with extensive coverage: Trip Delay Insurance, emergency hospital and dental expenses, ambulance and medical expenses, Baggage Delay or Loss Insurance, and Trip Cancellation Insurance. Keep in mind that some of these apply only to individuals who are under the age of 65. In case of preexisting medical conditions, they may be subject to exclusion.

HSBC Bank Canada credit card reviews and credit card application details.

NameTypeInterest RateAnnual Fee
HSBC MasterCardMasterCard19.9%$0
HSBC Premier MasterCard MasterCard12.9%$0
HSBC Advance MasterCardMasterCard17.9%$0