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One of the great points about the Bank of Nova Scotia is its easy-to-navigate, clear, and concise policy on advertising credit card products. You can get an overview of all of its products in seconds, compare and choose the one that suits you best. Another advantage is the low interest rates offered with its financial products.

Letís start with the ScotiaGold Passport Visa, giving holders the opportunity to earn one Scotia point per every dollar charged to the card. You can travel anywhere and at any time without limitations. You are also offered full travel insurance and 5 percent cash back on travel packages bought through the bankís Rewards Program. The minimum credit limit is $5,000, with an interest-free grace period of at least 21 days. The annual fee is $110, and the interest rate stands at 19.9 percent. You save $76 if you opt for emergency medical insurance for trips of less than 31 days. Those planning to go on trips, the duration of which ranges from 31 to 45 days, must purchase coverage before they leave their province of residence in Canada. This policy is based on premium amounts for a trip of two weeks and for two persons under the age of 65. You save $210 if you purchase rental car collision insurance from the bank and waive the car rental companyís coverage offer. Furthermore, you save $150 if you buy trip cancellation or interruption insurance on a holiday package of $2,500, another $30 if you buy travel accident insurance (applies if you suffer an accident on a public transportation vehicle), and $125 if you get the 5 percent cash back offer on the holiday package. Finally, you save extra $25 if you get American Express Travellers Checks (based on the amount of $2,000) issued commission-free. This comes to $616 in total savings.

If you are not impressed yet, a second option is the Visa Momentum credit card. You get 2 percent back on all qualifying drug store, grocery, and gas purchases and recurring payments and 1 percent back on all other purchases. The minimum credit limit is $500 with an interest-free grace period of 21 days. The annual fee is set at $39, with the interest rate being 19.99 percent on purchases and 21.99 percent on balance transfers and cash advances.

The Scotiabank Value card lets you save hundreds of dollars per year. You can make your monthly payments simpler and pay off the card more quickly. The annual fee is $29, and the interest rate stands at 11.49 percent.

Business owners can choose between four financial products: ScotiaGold Passport for business VISA card, ScotiaLine for business VISA card, Scotiabank VISA Business card, and Scotiabank Commercial VISA card. The last product is a good choice for business owners who wish to monitor card holder spending and travel policies, and track the company-wide spending. Card holders can opt for centralized billing, with individual billing and consolidated monthly invoice.

Scotiabank credit card reviews and credit card application details.

NameTypeInterest RateAnnual Fee
ScotiaGold Passport Business VISA CardVisa19.99%$120
No-Fee ScotiaGold VISA CardVisa19.99%$0
Scotiabank Value VISA CardVisa11.99%$29
No-Fee Scotiabank Value VISA CardVisa16.99%$0
ScotiaBank Learn VISA cardVisa19.99%$0
Scotia Momentum VISA Infinite cardVisa19.99%$99
Scotia Momentum VISA cardVisa19.99%$39
Scotia Momentum No-Fee VISA cardVisa19.99%$0
SCENE VISA cardVisa19.99%$0
ScotiaHockey NHL VISA cardVisa19.99%$29
Scotiabank Gold American Express CardAMEX19.99%$99
Scotiabank American Express CardAMEX19.99%$0