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VanCity Credit Union credit cards

VanCity Credit Union offers a diverse selection of Visa products, including enviro Classic and Gold Visa, enviro Expense Gold Visa, enviro Reloadable Visa, as well as Visa gift cards. All products featured by the union come with security, convenience, and a rewards program Ė every time card users charge purchases to the card, they contribute to environmental protection.

The enviro Classic Visa comes in three variants: with rewards (zero annual fee and interest rate of 19.5 percent); with rewards and low interest rate (annual fee of $50 and interest rate of 11.5 percent); and with low interest rate of 11.25 percent and annual fee of $25. Clients who choose any of the two first options get one bonus point for every $2 charged to the credit card. In addition, VanCity offers the enviro Classic for students, going with a zero annual fee and 19.5 percent interest rate. The same amount of rewards points is earned as with the Classic Visa. Clients who choose this financial product enjoy Travel Accident Insurance, purchase security, and extended warranty.

Another credit card to consider is the enviro Visa Gold, featured with multiple beneficial features: Travel Accident Insurance, Purchase Security Insurance, Auto Rental Collision/ Loss Damage Insurance, Delayed and Lost Baggage, and extended warranty. Again, there are three options to choose from: the enviro Visa Gold with rewards comes with an annual fee of $99 and interest rate of 19.5 percent; the low interest rate & rewards option goes with an interest rate of just 11.25 percent and a higher annual fee of $145; Gold Visa with low interest rate only is advertised with an annual fee of $45 and interest rate of 11.25 percent. Clients who go with any of the two first options earn one bonus point for $1 they spend in purchases. All card holders enjoy a variety of included features: up to 4 additional cards at no added cost, enhanced online protection guaranteed by Powered by Visa, emergency cash and card replacement all over the globe, 24-hour cash advances, and grace period of 21 days.

The enviro Expense Gold Visa is the ideal choice for medium-sized business entities and goes with 19.5 percent interest rate and annual fee of $99. Card holders earn a welcome bonus of 2500 points with the first purchase charged to the card and additional 3500 rewards points on their account anniversary. Every dollar spent brings one rewards point. Further benefits are Auto Rental Collision/ Loss Damage Insurance, Travel Accident Insurance, Delayed and Lost Baggage, purchase security, and warranty protection. Card holders also get up to 3 supplementary cards, stolen or lost card protection, emergency card replacement and emergency cash, and interest-free period of 21 days.

The enviro Reloadable Visa Card is a good choice for individuals with no or poor credit history as they donít have to qualify for credit. This prepaid payment card goes with a maximum card balance of $2500, new card fee of 14.95 percent, and maintenance fee of $4.95 per month. Among its beneficial features are ready cash, worldwide acceptance, purchase security coverage, online account access, and extended warranty. Finally, Vancity Visa gift cards are available at all branches of the credit union, have a maximum load value of $800 (minimum of $25), and enjoy worldwide acceptance similar to all Visa products.

VanCity Credit Union credit card reviews and credit card application details.

NameTypeInterest RateAnnual Fee
enviro Classic VISAVisa19.5%$0
enviroGold VISAVisa19.5%$99
enviroGold VISA Low Interest Rate OptionVisa11.25%$45
enviroExpenseGold VISAVisa19.5%$99