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Petro-Canada Personal Credit Card credit card reviews

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Clients of Petro-Canada will be overjoyed by the prospect of having the new personal credit card offered by the company. This financial product is an excellent choice for all those with hefty car expenses. First of all, you can charge all your purchases at the gas station to this card, paying at the gas pump or inside the station for everything - from car wash items to Snickers bars. You earn reward points while paying for these. The Petro credit card is accepted at over 1400 Petro-Canada locations and Certigard Car Centers throughout Canada. You accumulate points with every item or service that is charged to the card. Moreover, 1000 free points are given on each of the first ten purchases made with the card, which total 10,000 free points. Every purchase at Petro-Canada qualifies for returns. The company issues monthly statements, which make it very easy to track your ongoing expenses, and offers free additional cards for family members.

In todayís day and age, credit card fraud is a big problem. One aspect of this is identity theft. Petro-Canada has taken measures against this by forming a partnership with Citi Cards Canada, thereby granting to its clients access to Citiís Identity Theft Solutions. This program assures that you get your good credit back, should you be so unlucky to fall victim to this heinous crime. The benefit is extended with respect to any ID document, not just your credit card. The aspect of identity theft protection is an important one to keep in mind considering that last year, over 7,700 cases of identity theft were reported in Canada, which inflicted losses in excess of $16 billion dollars. If suspicious or unusual activity on your account is registered, the bank calls you to make sure it is you using the card.

Joining the Petro program is free. You can apply in person at participating Petro-Canada gas stations, online, or by phone.

Interested in the details? Here is a quick overview of the reward points earning levels. You get 20 points for each dollar spent on convenience store items, car wash items and/ or Certigard services. You earn 10 points per liter of SuperClean or SuperClean 94 Fuel, 7 points per liter of PlusClean Fuel, and 5 points per liter of RegularClean Fuel and Diesel. If you have a Sears card as well as a Petro-Canada personal credit card, you collect points on both cards when you use the Sears card at a Petro establishment.

The credit card market in Canada offers plenty of opportunities to shop around for a rewards card. The RBC Visa Infinite Avion, for example, gives card holders the opportunity to earn one bonus point for every dollar in purchases and 1.25 points for travel purchases. The product goes with an annual fee of $120 and interest rate of 19.99 percent. Clients receive a welcome bonus of 15,000 points upon approval. The minimum income requirement is $100,000 for households and $60,000 for individuals. The fee for additional cards stands at $50. The minimum credit limit is set at $5000, and card holders enjoy a comprehensive insurance coverage. The Premium and Extensive Insurance Package includes Travel Accident Insurance, Emergency Purchases Insurance, Flight Delay Insurance, Trip Interruption Insurance, and more. The emergency card replacement, zero liability policy, and Chip and PIN technology ensure added protection of the card.

Credit Card Details
NamePetro-Canada Personal Credit Card Apply Now
Interest Rate24%
Annual Fee$0
Cash BackNo
Low InterestNo
Auto and GasYes
Instant ApprovalNo
Balance TransferNo
US DollarNo
No Annual FeeYes