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The IKEA Credit Card comes with multiple benefits such as special payment promotions, special event mailings and annual IKEA catalogue delivered to card holders’ homes, lower interest rate on in-store purchases worth over $1000, and no interest if paid in full within a period of six months. The standard purchase APR stands at 25.99 percent while the penalty APR is 29.99 percent.

The annual membership fee is just $21, and the returned payment fee amounts to $40, except for Quebec where it is $10. This fee applies to checks and other financial instruments that are used to pay debt and are dishonored by the financial institutions on which they are drawn. The Statement Copy Fee applies to requests for a Copy of Account Statement and is in the amount of $3. The fee goes up to $25 per hour for retrieving a Statement greater than twelve months. The credit balance cheque refund cheque charge is payable for all cheques issued to refund credit balances. The charge is $25. The sales draft copy fee applies to each copy of a sales draft that is referred to in the card holder’s Account Statement. From time to time, IKEA also charges an administration fee related to a special Credit Plan. In these cases, the credit card provider discloses the amount of the administration fee in an advertising material. The minimum payment due for all charges and fees is set at 3 percent of the balance of the latter.

To apply for an IKEA Credit Card, you can fill in an online application and take it to any of the IKEA stores. You need to provide personal details such as your name, address, name and address of co-applicant, if applicable, date of birth, type of housing (you own or rent), amount of mortgage or rent payment, position and name of employer, how long have you worked on your present position, your salary and other income. The position, name of employer, and date of birth of the co-applicant should be filled in as well. The agreement between you, as a card holder, and IKEA, as the service provider, is governed by the laws of the territory or province in Canada where you reside permanently. For account inquiries and services, card holders can get in touch with the City Financial Retail Service at its toll free number: 1-888-638-2274.

Finally, card holders can manage their accounts online, change their address, pay bills, view transactions, request credit line increases, and more.

To give you the opportunity to compare offers, you may take a look at the Walmart Credit Card. This financial product is featured with a grace period of 21 days and no annual fee. The card also goes with an annual interest of 19.99 percent on purchases and cash advances. The Walmart product comes in two versions: Discover and a regular credit card. Business clients are likely applicants for the business variant of both credit cards and may include up to 99 holders on their account. Applicants should be Canadian residents of legal age, with an annual income of at least $12,000. Individuals and businesses that have declared bankruptcy over the last 7 years do not qualify. Finally, the credit card is accepted in 210 countries around the world, while all locations with the Discover Network Label accept Discover Cards.

Credit Card Details
NameIKEA credit card Apply Now
Interest Rate25.99%
Annual Fee$21
Cash BackNo
Low InterestNo
Auto and GasNo
Instant ApprovalNo
Balance TransferNo
US DollarNo
No Annual FeeNo