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If you are looking for hot credit card deals in Canada, Internet is a good place to start your search. Once you find a good website to shop around, browse through credit card offers by issuer, i.e. by bank, or by the type of credit card. The guide below looks at the available credit card offers by type of card.

If you are looking for a credit card that doesnít rip off your pocket with sky-rocketing annual service fees, the Bank of Montreal, one of the fifth largest financial institutions in Canada, has two exclusive offers for you. The BMO Preferred Rate MasterCard has an annual service fee as low as zero percent and an annual interest rate of just 17.5 percent. This is two whole percentage points below the average for the Canadian banking sector - 19.5 percent. In addition, you can lower the annual interest rate on your credit to only 11.9 percent against as little as twenty-five dollars a year. Which is even better, the goods you purchase with your credit card automatically get an extended warranty.

BMO Air Miles Master Card is the perfect credit card for people who travel a lot and do not want to pay annual service fee, as they will receive one reward air mile for each twenty dollars in card purchases. Before applying for a BMO Air Miles Master Card, bear in mind that the annual interest rate is 19.5 percent and the annual fee for lowering it to the more convenient 11.9 percent is $35.

If you want a credit card with a reward program, you can apply for CIBC Presidentís Choice Financial Master Card which will allow you to earn reward points for no annual fee. In addition, you will receive as much as five thousand bonus points upon making your first purchase if you apply for the card online. When shopping with the PC Master Card by Presidentís Choice Financial, you earn ten reward points for each dollar spent that can be redeemed for free groceries, airplane tickets, and much more. The card also includes free travel insurance and purchase protection insurance for free, with an option of obtaining balance protection and road assistance against an affordable annual fee.

The Royal Bank of Canada offers a low interest rate Visa Classic for an annual fee of just $20. The interest rate is 11.9 percent and customers receive a free additional card. The card is accepted at twenty two million locations around the world and over 600,000 locations in Canada. The cash access is up to $500 per day. Furthermore, customers get guaranteed hotel reservations.

Royal Bank of Canada also offers three travel cards: British Airways Visa Platinum, Visa Gold Preferred, and Visa Infinite Avion. British Airways Visa Platinum comes with a 20.5 percent interest rate and an annual fee of $165. Upon enrollment, customers earn 10,000 bonus miles and enjoy comprehensive insurance, minimum credit limit of $5000, guaranteed hotel reservations, and commission-free travelers cheques. Visa Infinite* Avion comes with a 19.5 percent interest rate and an annual fee of just $120. Customers earn one rewards point per each dollar which is spent on purchases. They have access to hotel reservations, car rentals, cruises, tours, and hotel packages. The holders of Visa Gold Preferred pay interest rate of 19.5 percent and an annual feel of $110. They are entitled to commission-free travelers cheques, emergency travel assistance, guaranteed hotel reservations, $1000 minimum credit limit, and 2,500 bonus points, among other benefits.

If used reasonably, a credit card may make the life of a student a lot easier, especially if he or she often needs to purchase downloadable study materials online. The VISA Classic Student credit card by the Royal Bank of Canada allows college students to build a credit score while enjoying the convenience of holding the most widely accepted credit card in the world. RBC Visa Classic Student does not have an annual service fee and the applicant does not have to declare a minimum annual income.