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The Canadian credit card market features some great products intended for the student population enrolled in universities and colleges in the country. Some financial institutions offer student credit cards with flexible terms, low interest rate, no annual fee, and other beneficial features. These financial products are well-suited for individuals who seek to establish credit history.

In order to choose the best suited product, it is wise to consider your needs and priorities. For instance, if you often travel home to visit your family, sweetheart, and friends, a credit card that goes with frequent flyer miles might be the best for you. These cards entitle holders to receiving bonus points on purchases charged to the card, and you can use the accumulated amount towards airfare.

If you brought your vehicle on campus and spend your days driving your friends and roomies around, you might consider applying for a gas credit card. This product allows you to earn free gas for purchases made at gas stations, supermarkets, and some malls, with these being charged to the card. With some gas cards, you get up to a 5 percent rebate in gas money. With all the free gas, you wonít complain about gas prices next time you head on a road trip.

If you are not a frequent flyer and donít own a vehicle, you can opt for a cash back credit card. The amount of cash you will get back varies from card to card, but you can normally expect between 1 and 5 percent on purchases charged to the card. The points you accumulate can be spent at a variety of places such as Gap, Pizza Hut, Blockbuster, Footlocker, and many others.

Among the student credit cards available on offer, a good product is advertised by the Royal Bank of Canada. The Visa Classic Student Card goes with no annual fee, interest rate of 19.99 percent, supplementary cards at no added cost, and additional features. Some of these are $1000 minimum credit limit, up to $500 daily access to cash worldwide, Visa payWave, and commission-free travellers cheques.

Scotiabank L'earn VISAģ Card for Students, featured by the Bank of Nova Scotia, is another credit card tailored to the needs of students. The product goes with no annual fee, interest rate of 18.59 percent, grace period of 21 or more days, and minimum credit limit of $500. Additional features include instant cash advances, rental car discounts at AVIS car rental, and VISA balance protection in the event of involuntary unemployment, disability, health crisis diagnosis, or death. The Scotia VISA cheques can be used to pay for utility and medical bills, insurance premiums, and large purchases, as well as for balance transfers from retail and gas credit cards that come with high interest rates.

NameTypeInterest RateAnnual Fee
Visa Classic II Student CardVisa19.99%$15
Visa Classic Student CardVisa19.99%$0
CIBC Classic VISA Card for StudentsVisa19.99%$0
VISA Desjardins for Students ONLYVisa19.4%$0
The GM CardVisa19.99%$0
TD Green Visa CardVisa19.99%$0
MBNA University of Toronto PlatinumPlus MasterCardMasterCard16.99%$0
MBNA University of Alberta PlatinumPlus MasterCardMasterCard16.99%$0
MBNA University of Ottawa PlatinumPlus MasterCardMasterCard16.99%$0
MBNA Queens University at Kingston MasterCardMasterCard16.99%$0
enviro Classic VISAVisa19.5%$0
MBNA Ryerson University MasterCardMasterCard16.99%$0
MBNA Acadia University MasterCardMasterCard16.99%$0
MBNA York University MasterCardMasterCard16.99%$0
MBNA University of Western Ontario MasterCardMasterCard16.99%$0
MBNA University of Victoria MasterCardMasterCard16.99%$0
MBNA Athabasca University MasterCardMasterCard16.99%$0
MBNA Trent University MasterCardMasterCard16.99%$0
MBNA Seneca College MasterCardMasterCard19.99%$0
MBNA Memorial University of Newfoundland MasterCardMasterCard16.99%$0
MBNA Lakehead University MasterCardMasterCard16.99%$0
MBNA Dalhousie University MasterCardMasterCard16.99%$0
MBNA Brock University MasterCardMasterCard16.99%$0
MBNA Brandon University MasterCardMasterCard19.99%$0
ScotiaBank Learn VISA cardVisa19.99%$0