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The Hudsonís Bay Company (HBC) has established itself as Canada's largest general merchandise retailer with the best national coverage. HBC has more than six hundred retail points over fifty thousand associates, located in every single province of Canada.

There are some obvious advantages of using two of the most popular credit cards issued by the Hudsonís Bay Company Ė HBC MasterCard and the HBC Credit Card.

Both cards come without an annual fee, and their owners are not charged for any extra cards that they may need. Probably the greatest advantage of these two credit cards is that with them, you can make purchases in equal installments with zero interest rate, provided that the installments are paid in full and on time. However, the interest on your purchase may shoot up to the staggering 29.9 percent in case you miss or return two consecutive payments.

In a sense, the HBC MasterCard and the standard HBC Credit Card are environmentally friendly, as their holders may opt for an electronic statement instead of the traditional paper one.

The holders of the HBC MasterCard and the HBC Credit Card enjoy cool promotions and discounts whenever they shop at the Bay, Zellers, Home Outfitters and Fields, all of these stores being owned and managed by the Hudsonís Bay Company. In addition, HBC gives 50 reward points for every dollar that the holders of credit cards spend outside its family of stores, which makes it one of the most generous credit card issuers in Canada in terms of reward points per dollar spent.

Needless to say, the holders of HBC MasterCard and the HBC Credit Card can access their accounts online 24/7.

Being part of the MasterCard family, the HBC MasterCard credit card is accepted at more than 24 million stores, hotels and retail points across the globe. You can also withdraw cash, up to your cash advance limit, whenever you may need it at over one million ATMs and POS terminals at bank branches around the world.

If you notice an unauthorized use of your credit card that has appeared on your monthly statement, you can rest assured that your credit card company will not hold you liable to paying back the money.

Last but not least, the credit card products of HBC are protected by a microchip, which makes them extremely difficult to clone. And if you lose or get robbed of your HBC credit card, you can rest assured that a new one will be issued on your name within one or two business days from reporting your credit card lost or stolen.

Persons who prefer to get cash back on purchases can check another credit card issuer, the Bank of Montreal. The BMO Premium CashBack MasterCard goes with an annual fee of $49 and interest rate of 19.5 or an additional fee of $35 and 12.9 percent interest rate. The interest-free days that go with this card are 21. Cardholders earn 1 percent cash back on purchases in all locations and 3 percent when shopping at Alamo, Shell, and National Car Rental. If you want to apply for this financial product, you have to provide your previous and current address, your gross monthly income, and your university and college details, if you are a student. Those who qualify will receive cash back rebates on their accounts every year.

Hbc credit card reviews and credit card application details.

NameTypeInterest RateAnnual Fee
The Hbc credit cardStore28.8%$0