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MBNA Canada credit cards

MBNA’s most popular credit card products are the Smart Cash Platinum Plus, WorldPoints, Travel Rewards and Premier Rewards Platinum Plus. The initial interest rate on the Smart Cash is 1.99 percent a year on check and cash advances and balance transfers in the first ten months. Otherwise, there is no annual fee. Clients enjoy the benefit of online access to their accounts free-of-charge. In addition, holders earn up to five percent cash back on eligible grocery and retail gas purchases in the first six months and up to three percent back on the same types of purchases after this period. Up to one percent back is offered on all other eligible retail purchases. Credit card security is important for this establishment, which is why non-stop fraud protection is also offered.

Another option is the luxury WorldPoints card, with holders getting one point for every dollar charged to it. You earn 1000 rewards points after your first eligible transaction and 1000 on your account anniversary date every year. You can redeem your points for merchandise and travel rewards of a wide variety, and you need as little as 1000 to start getting returns. The annual fee on this card product is $29. The interest rate on purchases charged to the card, balance transfers, check cash advances, and advances of cash equivalents is 19.99 percent. If you make more than one late payment within twelve billing cycles (one year), the interest rate increases by 5 percent. In order for the rate to decrease again, you must make all your payments on time within the next 12 billing cycles.

You can take advantage of the 21-day grace period offered by MBNA. This applies to new purchases, but only if you pay the balance indicated on your statement in full by the deadline. The grace period does not apply to balance transfers and cash advances.

You can use the Premier Rewards Credit Card for grocery shopping, gas, and payment of utility bills. The rebate rate on these expenses is 1 percent and once a year, this amount is credited back to your account. No annual fee in charged on this credit card, and there are no earning or spending limits. However, the maximum credit limit is $100,000, and the product goes with an interest rate of 19.99 percent on balance transfers, purchases, and cash advances. The grace period is 21 days, and the minimum payment is set in the amount of $15 or 1 percent of the account balance, including new interest charges. Customer service is available 24/7.

Finally, the TravelRewards card lets you earn one point per dollar charged to the card. You get 5,000 free points the first time you use the card (for an item that is considered an eligible purchase) and 2,500 points on your account anniversary date every year. You can redeem points for trips on over 75 airlines. The annual fee is $89, and the interest rate stands at 18.99 percent on purchases. The interest rate on balance transfers and cash advances is slightly higher, set at 19.99 percent. You will enjoy a wide variety of Platinum benefits such as free additional cards, immediate access to cash, 24/7 customer service, no blackout periods, emergency card replacement for stolen and lost credit cards, up to $100,000 credit limit, and worldwide acceptance.

MBNA Canada credit card reviews and credit card application details.

NameTypeInterest RateAnnual Fee
MBNA Canada Gold MasterCardMasterCard9.99%$0
MBNA PremierRewards Platinum Plus MasterCardMasterCard19.99%$29
MBNA Canada NHL MasterCardMasterCard17.99%$0
MBNA Canada CFL MasterCardMasterCard17.99%$0
MBNA Travel Rewards MasterCardMasterCard19.99%$29
MBNA iTravel200 Rewards MasterCardMasterCard19.99%$0
MBNA University of Toronto PlatinumPlus MasterCardMasterCard16.99%$0
MBNA University of Alberta PlatinumPlus MasterCardMasterCard16.99%$0
MBNA University of Ottawa PlatinumPlus MasterCardMasterCard16.99%$0
MBNA Queens University at Kingston MasterCardMasterCard16.99%$0
MBNA Ryerson University MasterCardMasterCard16.99%$0
MBNA Acadia University MasterCardMasterCard16.99%$0
MBNA York University MasterCardMasterCard16.99%$0
MBNA University of Western Ontario MasterCardMasterCard16.99%$0
MBNA University of Victoria MasterCardMasterCard16.99%$0
MBNA Athabasca University MasterCardMasterCard16.99%$0
MBNA Trent University MasterCardMasterCard16.99%$0
MBNA Seneca College MasterCardMasterCard19.99%$0
MBNA Memorial University of Newfoundland MasterCardMasterCard16.99%$0
MBNA Lakehead University MasterCardMasterCard16.99%$0
MBNA Dalhousie University MasterCardMasterCard16.99%$0
MBNA Brock University MasterCardMasterCard16.99%$0
MBNA Brandon University MasterCardMasterCard19.99%$0
MBNA Canadian Bar Association MasterCardMasterCard9.99%$0
MBNA Canadian Nurses Association MasterCardMasterCard16.99%$0