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Home Depot credit cards

When it comes to hardware and hardware stores Home Depot is perhaps at the front of the pack. There are many different projects which may require the use of various materials that can be found at the hardware store. Whether you are doing major renovations to your home or simply slapping a few coats of paint on the walls, Home Depot is likely to be able to offer you not only the materials to do the job but also the knowhow. All of Home Depots associates are available to help you in deciding the best course of action as far as a renovation is concerned, as well as helping you to shop for the materials that you will need. Some renovations can be fairly expensive and coming off of the kind of cash that some jobs may require is sometimes not feasible. In cases like this there are many different kinds of credit cards that the Home Depot will accept. In fact, the Home Depot even has its own credit card that is easily applied for.

Advantages of a Home Depot Credit Card

Shopping for materials for home renovations can be one of the most expensive ventures that you can undertake. Some renovations may even require vast amounts of time to complete and may put you out of even more money. Renovations such as a kitchen remodeling can take long periods of time to complete and may put you out of your kitchen for up to a year or more. There are also other large scale jobs which will not only cost large amounts of money but also time. Whatever the job that you are doing, you are sure to be able to find the materials that you need at the Home Depot. In addition to being able to find what you need, having a Home Depot credit card will offer card holders a ten percent discount on all purchases that are made using their Home Depot card. This is a great help for many different reasons, and people who are doing any kind of renovations on their home are sure to save potentially thousands of dollars.

Applying for a Home Depot Credit Card

Applying for a home depot credit card is a very simple process and getting set up with a credit line and account shouldn’t take terribly long. There are different kinds of credit card accounts that the Home Depot offers and the card itself is described as being for small to medium sized businesses and business related needs. There is, however, a version of the card that is available to consumers that do not have business needs. Whichever card or plan you find that you require setting up an account with, Home Depot is as easy as simply typing a web address in your internet browser. Visiting the Home Depot site and finding the link to the Home Depot credit card area of the web site is all you will need to do. However, even in the event that you run into some kind of difficulty with the application process there are several help lines available for consumers to call.

Once you have any one of the Home Depot credit card products you will find that shopping at a home improvement store that is already known for customer service will become even more convenient. Whether you have any kinks the application process, or simply don’t understand your bills when they start rolling in, you will also be able to call those same numbers for fast and friendly answers to any questions you might have.

Home Depot credit card reviews and credit card application details.

NameTypeInterest RateAnnual Fee
Home Depot Consumer Credit CardStore28.8%$0
The Home Depot Commercial Revolving CardStore24.99%$0
The Home Depot Commercial CardStore21.99%$0