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Petro Canada offers credit card products that help you save money on gas. One excellent choice is the Citi Petro-Points MasterCard with PayPass, which enables you to save 2 cents per liter and even more if you use it in combination with the fuel savings reward card – up to 7 cents. The Petro MasterCard is very convenient to use because it is recognized at all locations equipped with Paypass terminals. You earn rewards points every time you use the card and on top of all this, no annual fee is charged. You save money on gas or diesel at all participating Petro retail sites in Canada. Moreover, you collect ten points for every dollar charged to the card. This condition applies to all locations where MasterCard is recognized, not only at Petro Canada. The more you use the card, the more you save. You can even get travel rebates and your points can be redeemed online as well.

New applicants get a 2,000-point bonus upon approval the first time the card is used. Naturally, the respective purchase must be considered eligible. If you spend $500 CAD on average per month, you make around 60,000 points a year. You make 7,800 points a year if you buy 30 liters of fuel weekly. Spending as little as $10 a week on convenience store goods at Petro-Canada locations lets you earn 10,400 points a year. For what are practically your average yearly expenses, you will make a total of 80,200 points a year.

So what can you get for 80,200 points? You have two choices. If you are the gambling type, believing in added value and Lady Luck, you can get a free lottery ticket per week for 50 weeks – almost a year. If you are like most of us, though, and believe the lottery is rigged, then you can get a free car wash every month for eleven months. Now we’re talking about something practical! What is more, this is “The Works” car wash, so you will not be disappointed.

Another option is the Petro-Canada Preferred Price Card which also allows you to save money on fuel. When you use the card at participating petrol stations, the attendant issues you a receipt showing the amount you have saved. The Citi Petro Points MasterCard with PayPass allows card holders to save 2 cents per liter when they pay for diesel fuel or gasoline at participating Petro-Canada locations. The card goes with no annual fee, introductory interest rate of 4.9 percent on balance transfers for the first six months, 19.9 percent interest rate on purchases and 22.99 percent on balance transfers. The first purchase charged to the Citi Petro Points MasterCard earns 2000 bonus points, and holders get rewards points for every $1 spent in purchases.

Petro Canada’s SuperPass card is for owners or operators of larger commercial fleets provided with access to truck stops and/ or retail service stations. Holders of this card can take advantage of higher security, completely itemized statements, customized reports on demand, tracking by driver or vehicle, and purchase control. Additional benefits include non-stop access to one’s account, PIN-protected cards, and full access to more than 1,400 retail stations, over 500 truck stops in the United States, and more than 225 truck stops in Canada.

Petro Canada credit card reviews and credit card application details.

NameTypeInterest RateAnnual Fee
Petro-Canada Personal Credit CardStore24%$0
Pre-Paid Petro Canada CardStore0%$0