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The VanCity Savings Credit Union, is the largest English-speaking credit union in Canada. As of 2008, it had more than 400,000 members and over 2,600 employees running its 61 branches across Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island. Vancity provides a number of financial services, such as banking, investments, borrowing and insurance. It also issues and maintains four types of credit cards: enviro Classic Visa, enviro Reloadable Visa, enviro Gold Visa, and enviro ExpenseGold Visa. The first of these, the enviro Classic Visa, enjoys the greatest popularity among customers of the company.

As the name suggests, by using the enviro Classic Visa, you contribute to the protection of the environment and the preservation of nature. A percentage of the profits, which Vancity makes from the Classic Visa and the other enviro cards, is donated to the company's enviroFund. These donations are later used for various environmental initiatives, as voted by the card holders themselves. Since 1990, when the Fund was founded, over $2.7 million dollars have been collected to support causes, such as the protection of wild salmon stock and wetland preservation. This open concern for the environment is relatively rare among credit card institutions, not only in Canada, but also worldwide, and kudos should go to Vancity for trying to reverse man's pernicious impact on nature.

The interest rates, annual fees, and rewards that come with the enviro Classic Visa are closely linked to one another. There are three basic schemes:

1) enviro Classic + rewards. The interest rate charged on this credit line is 19.5 percent, and there is no annual fee. Every 2 dollars spent bring card holders 1 My Visa Rewards Plus point. These features also apply to the enviro Classic Student Visa, which is specifically designed for full-time students of legal age.

2) enviro Classic with a low interest rate + rewards. The interest rate is much lower, 11.25 percent, but there is a $50 annual fee. With this scheme, customers also get 1 rewards point for every $2 spent.

3) enviro Classic with a low interest rate. This variant does not entitle one to rewards points, but its annual fee is only $25. The interest rate is again 11.25 percent. The grace period for the three schemes is the same - 21 days after the account statement date.

The rewards points can be used for a wide range of travel, merchandise and financial products, or they can be donated to the enviroFund.

If you wish to support the causes of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, you can look at the offer of MBNA. The credit card goes with no annual fee, low introductory interest rate of 3.9 percent for the first 6 months, 16.99 percent on purchases and 18.99 percent on cash advances and balance transfers. The minimum payment is 1 percent of the balance or $15. The credit limit is in the amount of up to $100,000. Included features are 24/7 customer service, emergency replacement, around-the-clock fraud protection, and international acceptance. The best part is that every time you shop with the card, MBNA gives a donation to the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. In this way, you show your support for its expeditions, lectures, research and grants, as well as for the non-profit program in the geographic education.

Credit Card Details
Nameenviro Classic VISA Apply Now
Interest Rate19.5%
Annual Fee$0
Cash BackNo
Low InterestNo
Auto and GasNo
Instant ApprovalNo
Balance TransferNo
US DollarNo
No Annual FeeYes