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Aspire Cash World MasterCard credit card reviews

Aspire Cash World MasterCard credit card details and credit card application link.

To complement the variety of credit card products offered, Capital One introduced another reward product, the Aspire Travel World MasterCard, letting customers earn cash rewards. This card is a perfect choice for persons with excellent and good credit who charge over $2,000 every month. Charging over this amount brings more in cash back. Cardholders who charge $3,000 a month will get $748 in cash back the first year alone. To get $1,000 in cash back, your monthly spend should be about $4,100.

Who is the likely applicant? The typical cardholder has a low balance and pays it in full. Likely applicants are also people with a personal income of at least $70,000.

The card is featured with an annual fee of $120, an interest rate of 16.8 percent +Prime rate, and a variety of benefits. Note that the interest rate goes up to 23.9 percent if you fail to meet the minimum payment. As of July 2011, the interest rate will increase to 19.8 percent. On the positive side, cardholders enjoy an interest-free period of at least 25 days on balance transfers and purchases. This applies if the balance is paid in full by the due date.

Cardholders get 1.5 percent cash rewards for all items charged to the card. The anniversary bonus is an extra 20 percent, added to the rewards clients have already earned. A welcome bonus with the first purchase earns cardholders $100. There is no limit to the cash rewards to be earned. Moreover, cardholders can get more cash by adding an authorized user at no added cost. The cash rewards earned, either by the primary holder or by authorized users, never expire. There is no maximum or minimum amount to redeem rewards. It is up to clients to decide on how and where to redeem them it can be done online or over the phone. Rewards can be cashed by a statement credit or check. This flexibility is an added convenience for customers of Capital One and a cornerstone of the rewards credit cards offered by them. No hassle redemption, advertised by Capital One, means that cardholders can redeem as many times as they would like to.

The Aspire Cash World MasterCard is offered with a variety of included benefits. Among them are baggage delay, baggage loss, and flight delay insurance. Other benefits include travel accident insurance, trip interruption and trip cancellation, 0 fraud liability, and much more. With Master Global Services, cardholders can request emergency card replacement would it happen that their card is stolen or lost. They can also request emergency cash advances and are offered referral to the closest ATM. The Master RoadAssist Service is another beneficial feature offered at pre-negotiated rates. Cardholders enjoy 24/7 emergency road service, including minor mechanical aid, gas delivery, towing, and other services.

Another cashback credit card to look at is the BMO CashBack MasterCard. This card is offered with no annual fee and interest rate of 19.8 percent or an annual fee of $35 and interest rate of 12.9 percent. Every item charged to the card earns you 0.5 percent cash back. Purchases at Shell, Alamo, and other locations earn cardholders 1.5 percent in cash back. Worldwide acceptance is just one benefit that cardholders enjoy. The card is also featured with chip technology, MasterCard PayPass, zero dollar liability, identity theft assistance through IDefence, and other valuable tools and services.

Credit Card Details
NameAspire Cash World MasterCard Apply Now
Interest Rate16.8%
Annual Fee$120
Cash BackYes
Low InterestNo
Auto and GasNo
Instant ApprovalNo
Balance TransferYes
US DollarNo
No Annual FeeNo