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Visa Gold Preferred Card credit card reviews

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The RBC Visa Gold Preferred card guarantees the safety and flexibility of full-scale insurance coverage and more extensive credit limits, as well as automatic inclusion in the Royal Bank’s rewards program. The annual interest rate charged to this card is 19.99 percent, with an annual fee of $110 and a $40 fee on each supplementary card. New holders of the Visa Gold Preferred credit card receive a welcome bonus of 2,500 points upon joining the program. These points will appear on the first credit card statement.

Clients earn 1 point for every dollar charged to the card. The bonus points can then be redeemed for merchandise items, RBC rewards starting at as little as 2,500 points, travel rewards, gift certificates, and other products.

Visa Gold Preferred’s Premium and extensive insurance package includes a number of insurance benefits, such as flight delay insurance, hotel burglary insurance, purchase security, extended warranty insurance, emergency purchases insurance, out-of-province emergency medical insurance, travel accident, car rental insurance, and trip cancellation/ interruption insurance.

Coverage starts four hours after a flight is missed or delayed, you have been denied access to the flight, or four hours after checked baggage has been lost or delayed, with your flight having arrived at a destination of your choice. The maximum amount provided for flight delays is $250 CAD per day per person to a total of $500 for all covered persons. “Covered” refers to the primary cardholder, his or her spouse, and dependent children traveling on that trip. Children are considered to be dependent if they are under 21, under 26 if they are full-time students, or children who are physically or mentally handicapped.

You must present a report from the airline to the card issuer which proves that your flight has been missed or delayed, you have been denied boarding, or your baggage has been lost.

Emergency purchases insurance is taken to signify the minimum necessary clothing and personal items, which have been rendered essential due to the loss or delay of your checked luggage. The coverage ends when your luggage is delivered.

The emergency medical insurance is beneficial when emergency medical assistance is required. This is the case when you need urgent relief of acute symptoms or when a physician testifies that your condition prevents you from returning to Canada. Insurance is provided for the first 31 days if you are under 65. The emergency treatment must be received in a medical facility during your trip or provided by a physician during the said trip.

Another rewards credit card you can look at is the Delta SkyMiles® World MasterCard® by Capital One. This product is a good option for individuals who fly on the Delta Airlines, have good or excellent credit rating, and pay their balance in full every month. The credit card goes with an annual interest of 19.8 percent on purchases, cash advances, and balance transfers and annual fee of $120. Card holders earn 2 Delta Miles for every dollar in purchases and 1 mile for other items purchased with the card. The Delta SkyMiles® World MasterCard goes with a variety of included benefits such as Baggage Loss Insurance, Flight Delay Insurance, Trip Interruption and Trip Cancellation, Travel Accident Insurance, Car Rental Collision/ Loss Damage Waiver, and more. Purchase assurance, extended warranty, and price protection are also offered.

Credit Card Details
NameVisa Gold Preferred Card Apply Now
Interest Rate19.99%
Annual Fee$110
Cash BackNo
Low InterestNo
Auto and GasNo
Instant ApprovalNo
Balance TransferNo
US DollarNo
No Annual FeeNo