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Visa Classic Low Rate Option Card credit card reviews

Visa Classic Low Rate Option Card credit card details and credit card application link.

The RBC Visa Classic Low Rate Option credit card is perfect for clients who want to avoid high interest while maintaining a balance on their account. You can make savings on a daily basis thanks to the permanently low interest rate. The rate on all other Royal Bank credit cards is 19.99 percent, but this one is the only exception – just 11.99 percent per year with an annual fee of $20 and a free supplementary card. No minimum annual income is required. The low rate helps you save money if you maintain a balance. Moreover, the card features state-of-the-art chip and PIN technology that guarantee the safety of your card and your peace of mind. RBC is in the process of adapting this feature to all of its cards. The inbuilt chip’s unique texture makes it impossible to duplicate, and this is offered in combination with your Personal Identification Number. If you are still not convinced, the bank provides fraud detection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and it does not matter whether you are in Canada or even in North America. The Visa Classic Low Rate Option credit card is accepted at more than 22 million locations worldwide, with more than 600,000 in Canada alone. What is more, you are guaranteed hotel reservations and 24/7 access to cash up to $500 a day depending on the credit available.

If you are concerned about confidentiality and privacy of information, as we all should be in today’s day and age, the RBC’s Information Protection service would be of great benefit to you. In reality, this service is provided by Carlson Marketing Group Canada Ltd., a partner enterprise of the Royal Bank of Canada. Carlson helps its clients protect valuable private information at all times. By means of this service, you are integrated in the Internet Personal Information Patrol, a powerful and secure Internet-based data monitoring system. This system monitors, observes, and protects all your private data. If your credit card, cell phone, or debit card is stolen, you do not have to worry about calling the bank or phone company to report the theft, having the card or phone blocked and eventually replaced. All you need to do is make a call to the InfoProtector system operators, and they will give notification or cancel services to prevent illicit activity. This service is available 24/7, so it does not matter what time of the day such problems surface.

Another good offer for a low interest credit card is the Gold MasterCard® with an 9.99% interest rate by Capital One. This product is a great choice for individuals who prefer saving money on interest, have a household income of at least $30,000, and carry a monthly balance. The card goes with an interest rate of just 9.9 percent on balance transfers and purchases and annual fee of $49. For a fee of $99, clients get one rewards mile for every dollar in purchases, redeemed for cash, gift cards, merchandize or travel. Alternatively, card holders can get 1 percent cash back on their purchases. The Gold MasterCard goes with additional features such as Baggage Delay Insurance, Travel Accident Insurance, MasterAssist Travel Assistance, Card Rental Collision/ Loss Damage Waiver, price protection, extended warranty, and purchase assistance. Emergency cash advances, emergency card replacement, and zero fraud liability are also provided.

Credit Card Details
NameVisa Classic Low Rate Option Card Apply Now
Interest Rate11.9%
Annual Fee$20
Cash BackNo
Low InterestYes
Auto and GasNo
Instant ApprovalNo
Balance TransferNo
US DollarNo
No Annual FeeNo