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Visa Classic II credit card reviews

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The RBC Visa Classic II allows card holders to get returns on their purchases, but it is unique in that rewards start at 2,500 points, admittedly a very low amount. This means that you have to accumulate as little as 2,500 points to start getting returns. The interest rate on the Visa Classic II is 19.99 percent, as with the Visa Infinite Avion and the Platinum Avion, but the annual fee is lower - $35. The interest-free period is just 21 days, and the minimum payment is 1 percent of the balance or $15. If you wish, you can get an extra Visa Classic II issued for free, and points will accumulate on it as well. Holders of the Classic II get travel, merchandise, gift certificates, and other redemptions. This card is also available to college students, in a format with a lower credit limit. Holders earn one point per dollar spent on any purchase charged to the card. The RBC is in partnership with Esso Extra gas stations, and holders of this card may opt to exchange their bonus points for Esso points, redeemable at the gas stations.

The Visa Classic II is accepted at more than 23 million locations throughout the world, so you will enjoy the universal recognition of Visa. You are guaranteed hotel reservations and a number of beneficial security features, such as non-stop worldwide fraud detection and special chip and PIN technology. The RBC Royal Bank is in the process of introducing chip and PIN technology for all of its credit and debit cards, both personal and business. This innovative technology guarantees protection against fraud and counterfeiting because the embedded microchip is practically impossible to duplicate, being specially encrypted. When you combine this feature with an individual PIN number for authorization of transactions, the safety of your card is fully guaranteed.

You can get up to $500 CAD in cash per day depending on your individual credit limit; so, with this card, you will never be hard up for cash again.

If you are not convinced yet, there is another safety feature Ė PayWave. This contact-free component is among the extras of the Visa Classic II, available to you for no extra fee. It allows you to pay for small everyday purchases at stores, restaurants, and all other locations bearing the fish-like PayWave symbol. You no longer have to fumble for coins and look for exact change. All you have to do is put the card in front of the reader and wait for the green light to flash on.

The best strategy for choosing a product that serves your individual needs is comparing. The Smart Cash Platinum Plus Credit Card of MBNA goes with a standard interest rate of 19.99 percent, low introductory rate of 1.99 percent on cash advances and balance transfers, valid for the first 10 months, and no annual fee. Card holders donít earn rewards but get up to 5 percent cash back on purchasing groceries and gas during the first six months and up to 3 percent thereafter. All other purchases bring one percent back. The card goes with 24/7 customer service, around-the-clock fraud protection, immediate access to cash at ATMs globally, Common Carrier Travel Accident Insurance, and up to 90 days purchase protection. As an added benefit, card holders get online access to their card account.

Credit Card Details
NameVisa Classic II Apply Now
Interest Rate19.99%
Annual Fee$35
Cash BackNo
Low InterestNo
Auto and GasNo
Instant ApprovalNo
Balance TransferNo
US DollarNo
No Annual FeeNo