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National Bank Ultramar MasterCard credit card reviews

National Bank Ultramar MasterCard credit card details and credit card application link.

The National Bank Ultramar MasterCard is a gas card that allows customers to benefit from savings on HomEnergy heating bills, their gas purchases, and all other purchases. Ultramar holders will receive significant rebates. This card carries no annual fee, and neither do any supplementary cards issued to the spouse or children of the primary cardholder. The annual interest rate is 19.9 percent, and the minimum credit limit is around $500 depending on the holder’s credit standing. National Bank offers up to 2.5 percent rebate on all purchases charged to the Ultramar and a reliable purchase insurance program.

Holders of the Ultramar Card have three ways to make the most out of rebates. The first one is up to 2.5 percent back on all purchases charged to the Ultramar, as noted above. A rebate of up to 2.5 percent is credited to the holder’s account. It works in the following way. You get a rebate of 1 percent per month on all purchases worth less than $100, charged to the card during that month, and a rebate of 2 percent on all amounts over $100. As for annual rebates, you get an additional rebate of 0.5 percent if you spend more than $2,500 that year. The second option is up to 1.25 percent back on goods purchased elsewhere. You get a rebate of up to 1.25 percent on purchases charged to the Ultramar MasterCard unless they were made at Ultramar or HomEnergy. Purchases made at these retailers will not count when your rebate is being calculated. Here are the details. The rebate on purchases under $6,000 a year made elsewhere comes at 0.25 percent. Purchases between $6,000.01 and $9,000 get 0.50 percent. The maximum rebate – 1.25 percent - applies to purchases of $9,000.01 and over.

The final option is up to 2.5 percent back on all purchases at HomEnergy. You automatically get a rebate of 2.5 percent whenever you are paying your HomEnergy heating bill with your credit card. The benefit is extended to absolutely any product bought at HomEnergy and charged to the Ultramar card. The highest possible annual rebate for all purchases made with the Ultramar MasterCard is $250.

Extras include MasterCard Zero Liability, purchase protection, and extended warranty. Ultramar MasterCard holders are not held responsible if unauthorized purchases are charged to their credit card. The coverage extends to items purchased online, over the phone, or in stores. Under the purchase protection plan, clients receive coverage for damage or theft within a period of 90 days after the purchase is made. The original warranty term is doubled and may reach up to one more year under the extended warranty program.

Individuals who definitely want to apply for a cash back credit card might compare this offer to the Smart Cash Platinum Plus MasterCard of MBNA. The product goes with a low introductory interest rate of 1.99 percent, standard interest rate of 19.99 percent on balance transfers, cash advances, and purchases, and no annual fee. The introductory rate applies within a period of 10 months. Card holders get 5 percent cash back on retail grocery and gas purchases during the first six months, 3 percent thereafter, and 1 percent on all other purchases. The card comes with 24/7 customer service, around-the-clock fraud protection, immediate cash advances, common carrier travel accident insurance, and purchase protection.

Credit Card Details
NameNational Bank Ultramar MasterCard Apply Now
Interest Rate19.9%
Annual Fee$0
Cash BackYes
Low InterestNo
Auto and GasNo
Instant ApprovalNo
Balance TransferNo
US DollarNo
No Annual FeeYes