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Laurentian Bank VISA Gold Passport credit card reviews

Laurentian Bank VISA Gold Passport credit card details and credit card application link.

The Visa Gold Passport Credit Card by the Laurentian Bank of Canada is the perfect choice for people who rent cars and/ or travel on a regular basis, make numerous purchase transactions every month, and are looking for a reward program that offers a wide variety of gifts and services. Clients receive full travel and purchase insurance for the fee of $110 per year. The fee is subject to change but in that event, clients are notified well in advance.

If you choose the Visa Gold Passport credit card you earn reward points with every purchase. One dollar spent is one point gained. You can redeem points for trips, e.g. you can book at any travel agency you wish, and it does not have to be the bank’s partner agency. In addition, points can be redeemed for goods and gift checks. If you have always wanted to visit the south of France, now you can. You can use your bonus points to speed up the takeoff time and cover the difference in cash. When you accumulate 10,000 points, you get a one-dollar rebate for every 100 points. The points can be redeemed for the travel package of your choice. No restrictions apply here.

Among the extras offered by this program are easy management of expenses via issued account statements, extended warranty on purchases, emergency access to cash, protection against unauthorized use of the card, safe online shopping, and automatic guarantee of hotel reservations no matter what time you check in.

Card holders also receive medical insurance, free hospital care for up to 15 days and up to $5 million in coverage. The last is valid for clients under 75 years of age. Clients get up to $2,000 each in the event of trip cancellation and $5,000 if the trip is interrupted. Keep in mind that this provision is underwritten by a personal insurance company, not the Laurentian Bank. Coverage of collision and damages, if they occurred when you drove a rented vehicle, is ensured for up to 48 days, and you save up to $12 per day. A maximum of $2,500 is offered for luggage delays. If you suffer a public transport accident, you may receive half a million dollars in insurance from the company.

Finally, the interest rate per year on this card is 19.99 percent. In case you like keeping a balance on your card, this product is probably not the best for you. If you do not travel and want to redeem points for gift checks but not goods and services, the VISA Black Reward Me card would be more suitable for you.

The Shared Interest Visa, offered by the Citizens Bank of Canada, is another rewards card, giving holders the opportunity to help the environment and their community. Apart from merchandize and travel, points can be redeemed for charitable donations. To earn bonus points, card holders pay an annual fee of $99 and interest rate of 19.5 percent. The grace period extends over 21 days. The low interest rate option (11.25 percent) goes with an annual fee of $145 and the same interest-free period. Likely candidates are Canadian residents with credit card history, no credit problems in the past, who have not declared bankruptcy during the last seven years. Applicants should fill in their income and employment information, together with other personal details.

Credit Card Details
NameLaurentian Bank VISA Gold Passport Apply Now
Interest Rate19.99%
Annual Fee$90
Cash BackNo
Low InterestNo
Auto and GasNo
Instant ApprovalNo
Balance TransferNo
US DollarNo
No Annual FeeNo