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Not only will you enjoy the prestige of the world-famous Platinum card if you apply for the RBC Visa Platinum, you will also receive indispensable travel and purchase insurance. The annual interest rate on this card is 19.99 percent with no annual fee and free issuing of a supplementary card. Unlike most Platinum cards, the Visa Platinum by RBC does not require minimal annual income.

The maximum credit limit on this card is $50,000 CAD; so, you have nothing to worry about in that regard. The minimum credit limit, on the other hand, is $1,000. Holders are guaranteed hotel reservations, 24/7 travel assistance, a cash advance limit of $1,000 from ATMs (depending on the credit amount at your disposal), travelers checks without a commission fee, special chip technology for greater security, car rental collision insurance, travel accident insurance, purchase security and extended warranty insurance, and a number of optional benefits.

Some details surrounding the car rental collision insurance are provided. Insurance coverage is given only if the full cost of the rented car is charged to the card or paid for through reward points, with purchases charged to the card, and there is an official document issued by a car rental establishment. Third parties are not covered in this case. The vehicle must be rented for less than 48 consecutive days; otherwise, the coverage does not apply. If the card holder did not turn down the agency’s coverage option, the coverage provided by RBC is considered secondary. Thus, it covers the deductible amount if there is a claim.

Certain vehicles are not covered by the RBC. These include vans or cargo vans, trucks, pick-up trucks, limousines, off-road vehicles, motorcycles, mopeds, motor bikes, trailers, campers, and recreational vehicles.

Under the RBC Purchase security insurance policy, the card holder is covered in the event of accidental physical loss or damage of personal belongings or gifts charged to the RBC Royal Bank Visa Platinum card or paid for through rewards points for a period of ninety days following the purchase. You are eligible to receive up to $50,000 or the equivalent amount of reward points in coverage per card each year.

Another extra going along with the Visa Platinum is convenient online access for managing your credit card. You can receive and transfer funds, pay off your card and other bills, and check your account balance online, review your statements instantly as opposed to waiting for them to come in the mail, and archive them for a period of up to seven years.

If you prefer to do a more thorough research on the Canadian credit card market, you might find other offers more or less agreeable. You might check the CIBC Aerogold® VISA® Card for Business, going with an interest rate of 10.9 percent, minimum credit limit of $1000, annual fee of $180, and a fee of $50 for every additional card. Clients can request up to 9 cards. The good news is that card holders earn 1 bonus mile for every dollar they spend at travel agencies and other establishments. A welcome bonus of 15,000 miles is offered with the first purchase charged to the card.

Credit Card Details
NameVisa Platinum Card Apply Now
Interest Rate19.99%
Annual Fee$0
Cash BackNo
Low InterestNo
Auto and GasNo
Instant ApprovalNo
Balance TransferNo
US DollarNo
No Annual FeeYes